About us

Premium Holiday Club VIP Membership Programme is the only upscale hotel system widest of Vietnam, was developed based on very rigorous recruitment partners most upscale hotels in Asia, to the final Membership gives the service are guaranteed the best quality services including relaxation, dining, travel, leisure prices guaranteed best always reserved for Union membership program Holiday Club Premium members.

  With a staff of professional customer care only for members of Premium Holiday Club program, we are always ready to serve customers 24/7 to answer questions about membership programs, counseling when customers are interested in the program and advise the hotel of options for vacation travel or your work members. More particularly, we ensure quick booking in just 10 minutes per booking (including call waiting time to time counseling and complete hotel booking).

  In addition, plan members Premium Holiday Club always enjoy the best discount for dining, reservations, spa, fitness and other services available at the hotel. For more information please log in with your Membership numbers for your website Membership.

  Furthermore, as members Premium Holiday Club program, you will always be members welcomed as VIP customers from the participating hotels and special priority for early check-in time, and late check-out Free room upgrade, depending on the amount of availability at time of check.

  Support Consultants, designer holiday, tourist mobility demand and interests of the Member.

  Membership will always be spot on every booking room area, points will be converted into money orders used to subtract directly into cost units at the participating hotels. Or will be converted into food coupons free lunch or dinner at the hotel.

  For more information please contact the Office Premium Holiday Club.